25 Feb 2010

O2 broadband sucks

Update: Read my latest post "O2 broadband finally comes through"

Warning: Rant ahead

It's been almost 7 months since I wrote "Moving from Talk Talk to O2 broadband" and we finally got connected via O2 broadband in July last year.Read my O2 broadband review.

I have since then regretted moving from Talk Talk. We were unhappy with Talk Talk's low connection speeds but we later found out that O2 is far worse. Talk Talk's connection did get better in the end but by then we had already decided to jump ship to O2.

We moved to O2 because of the good customer reviews and I have no idea who these idiots were. Now we are paying more for a lousy service.

Download speeds are no where near the promised 8 mps ( though they did mention that it is subject to location). We are still stuck with download speeds of around 4mps and upload speeds lower than 1mps (worse than Talk Talk) and get cut off all the time. I can't even have a decent conversation on Skype anymore.

They boast that their customer service staff are all based in the UK and calls are free.  

Who cares!

I don't mind if the customer staff is somewhere in India or Timbuktu as long as they solve my problems. Called the O2 technical support twice - the latest was last Saturday. After being on line with 2 different guys for nearly 45 minutes they couldn't solve anything and said that they will have the line analyst have a look at our line. They promised to call back within 24 hours and I am still waiting.

So far I have tried 3 broadband service providers in the UK - AOL, Talk Talk and now O2 and none of them have delivered what they promised. Forget about customer satisfaction.

To say I am unhappy with O2's service would be an understatement. Can't wait for our contract to end and jump to another broadband service provider but the question is "which one?" I don't know if the problem is poorly managed servers or just poor management in general, but I cannot wait until this nightmare is over.


Keith said...

Sorry to hear that. I switched from BT to O2 Broadband a while ago and have generally found them to be very good. The service is fast (up to 12Mbps connection with 7-8Mbps transfer speeds) with excellent customer service, so I was surprised to hear you've had problems. I must say, I don't really understand why broadband speeds differ so much between suppliers, but I hope you manage to find a satisfactory solution soon.

Unknown said...

Go with Enta, they have the speed and bandwidth.

I to are currently having problems with o2 and they dont give a sh*t, I live in a brand new house with a new line.

This has been an on-going problem for one year.

What's the point in false adversing saying up to 8Mbit when my line can handle it and limiting it down?

UK Bandwidth actually sucks!

Healthy Foods said...

When I see your capture, Wow! My speed is only 384kbps. I can't imagine how fast it is :)

Net Age Internet Marketing said...

@ health foods - LOL, I only have a 384kbs connection too. Streaming video is out, but it still beats the living daylights out of dialup. Unfortunately we're a little behind the times here in South Africa ;-)

It really would be awesome to get real high speed broadband one day. The Seacomm underseas cable and upgrading of local ADSL hardware by Telkom should give us some proper internet speed real soon!

Brad Valian said...

Regret is always in the end my friend. I also tried the O2 connection broadband and it is so so so slow. By the way thanks for sharing this petition, I'm sorry articles.

Brian said...

I cant believe that reviews has failed to tell you that the service sucks. Or who knows, those who have written reviews are their employees.

Jen from Accordare Chitarra said...

Im sorry to hear that. But I guess that there is really no perfect provider.I am sure, you would also experience some inconvenience with others. It will just help you decide which of them works for you and who is the least worse.

Edward said...

Woah! And having 2MBps here in the Philippines makes me feel that I am lucky enough?!

Well, when I was working for an outsourced support for an ISP for US, I never experienced someone calling us just to tell us that the service is great, I always get complains. Which means that there is no perfect service.

Strum Patterns said...

I feel so sorry for your situation. I was on the same boat as yours before. It's really frustrating to deal with lousy companies. ISP should live up to its promise but some are really unreliable. Reviews from customers are mostly not from real ones, I guess.

Alan said...

I've had an O2 broadband customer for four years. In the last year there quality of service has become woeful. They're throttling bandwidth to a ridiculous extent, so much that NO video media works without frequent elongated pauses. It has become unusable. When I first started to use O2, their speeds were good. Downloads were fast. I work in IT and frequently download software. The last year, their service has become, at times, like an old analogue dial-up. This was in spite of them increasing the cost to their victims. I feel uncomfortable referring to their victims as customers. As, IMHO, there treatment of people paying them a great deal of money, is dishonest and disreputable.

Furthermore, if the government REALLY wanted to push the "connected economy" agenda, they would amend the law to allow victims who do not receive the service that was advertised to sue the organisation responsible. If an organisation advertises up to 20Mb broadband, but they KNOW they will only allow 1Mb, (at chosen times) then they should be in breach of contract, and therefore liable. If this were the case, then they would NOT waste millions of pounds on bandwidth limiting and throttling technology, they would invest in additional bandwidth.

Dilip Mutum said...

Hi Alan, The connection has improved somewhat since I last wrote this post. Nowhere near the promised speeds but at least I can talk to my parents and friends over Skype without getting cut off all the time.