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This blog was started in late 2006. AdamOk.net looks at search engine optimization, social networking, tech innovation. latest gadgets and the other developments in technology.

The Adamok.net Team

Adam Dilip Mutum

Dilip Mutum (Adam) is the chief blogger and editor of Adamok.net. He started blogging in September 2003 and has never looked back since.

Dilip has worked with various companies helping with their online marketing strategies and also promoting their products and services on blogs.

He has previously worked as a sub-editor with a magazine company, information officer with an international NGO, a lecturer with a public University in Malaysia and as a web developer in a University in the UK.

Dilip's interests include issues related to web technologies, digital consumption, ethical and sustainable marketing and social media. Currently, he is lecturing in Marketing at a Business School in Malaysia. His PhD research at the Warwick Business School looked at consumer attitudes towards blogs and towards sponsored posts on blogs.

Diana Mutum

Diana is a contributor and co-editor of Adamok.net. Until recently, she was working as a tech business analyst with one of the biggest telecommunications companies in Australia.

She says:

I am a self-taught amateur photographer who is passionate about anything interesting that a still photo can capture. I grew up admiring the inspiring photos from the National Geographic magazines that my father used to subscribe to and I want to build up my own library of great still photos. One of my favourite pastimes besides photography is ogling at new gadgets and I have collected a few cameras along the way.

I am sure a lot of us have heard this comment, “Wow! Great picture, your camera must be really good!”

So the question is whether it is your CAMERA or YOU, which is responsible for that fabulous picture. This starts me on my journey to find out whether it is the device or the creativity of a photographer. I also blog at Pegasus2u  which I started about four and a half years ago, on my journey with photography.

Diana's favourite phrase is "Live and let live"!!

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