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Review of HP km100 Budget gaming keyboard

My son recently spilt a glass of water over my old Logitech keyboard and after a few days, the keyboard started having issues. The old Logitech MK120 keyboard was really good and lasted me a long time. I bought it in 2019 and cost me just R M 38.90 and came with a mouse as well. I needed the replacement keyboard urgently and drove down to the IT Mall in Petaling Jaya near my house. I was tempted to buy one of the mechanical keyboards. However, they were way overpriced (in my personal opinion). Also, I am not a big fan of blinking led lights which can be quite distracting. I have been a Logitech fan for a long time and all my replacement keyboards have been Logitech but decided to try out the HP km100. One of the main reasons was that it was mentioned that the keyboard was "waterproof design". It also came with a free mouse. It cost me RM59 (about USD14). I have been using it for a while now. Very comfortable and responsive. If you are looking for an affordable yet good q

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