25 Jun 2008

Vote on Blogger's Choice Awards

If you like my blog, please vote for me for the 2008 Blogger's Choice Awards. My blog has been nominated for "The Best Geek Blog".

My site was nominated for Best Geek Blog!

Voting closes in the next month or so.

23 Jun 2008

Guy sells life on eBay

Ian Usher, a Brit now living in Australia, plans to walk out of his house with just his wallet and passport. According to a report on the BBC site, Ian "is selling his house, friends and job" on eBay. This includes all his stuff in the house. He apparently made this decision after his wife left him.

Bidding has already started and will end on 5am BST on 29 June. You have to register in order to bid. Go to his site "A Life 4 Sale" for more details.

Read another report on the Daily Mail site: Brit who emigrated to Australia sells his ENTIRE life on eBay after being jilted by his wife

55th most popular blog in Malaysia

Syed Syahrul Zarizi has compiled a list of the 99 most popular blogs in Malaysia. Initially the list only consisted of the 70 most popular blogs.

It comes as no surprise that the #1 and #2 blogs are Paul Tan's and Kenny Sia's blogs respectively. My personal blog ah ok lah is at #55. However, he has missed this blog. With it's Alexa ranking of 336,472, it should come at #62.

16 Jun 2008

Viscount on Knighthood

I have been playing Knighthood, a strategy game on Facebook for a while. Read my previous post about being addicted to the game here. I decided to lay low for a while to lick my wounds and build up my defences. Lost a couple of my vassals to more powerful opponents the last time I was in the war mode.

I recently moved up to Viscount, thanks to Count Zaid, my leige. However, yesterday I found out that another player, Count Odd had seized me from Count Ziad and became my new liege. On the request of Zaid I went into war mode and rebelled against Odd but was not successful. I noticed that my profile is now in the "Realm" and was quite happy to find out that I am the #3 player in the University of Warwick.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, you are obviously not familiar with the game. Maybe you should join my army.

9 Jun 2008

What happened to Project Petaling Street

I have been a member of Project Petaling Street or PPS for a long long time. Started by Aizuddin Danian (if I am not mistaken), it was the best content aggregate site for Malaysian blogs. I say "WAS" because I just found out that the site is now this:

The title says "restaurant wong fook kee pps at petalingstreet.org".

Wonder what happened? Maybe the domain name owner forgot to renew it or he simply lost interest and let it go. I think the former is the more likely reason. It's really sad.

Now where do I go to get my latest on the Malaysian blogging scene? Any suggestions.

UPDATE: PPS is is back up again.

8 Jun 2008

Cannot Twitter from GTalk

I was introduced to Twitter sometime back and have been hooked since then. I am not sure why but it is nice to read what people are doing or thinking about, especially when you are feeling bored. I usually use my Google Talk application to write my updates rather than use my mobile.

However, I haven't been able to do so for quite sometime now. Previously, twitter@twitter.com used to be in my contact list and all I had to do was click it and write my update as we would normally do to chat with friends. However, the link is no longer seen as online (green). Now whenever I want to post my updates, I would have to go to my Twitter homepage and update from there.

Is anyone facing a similar problem?