8 Jun 2008

Cannot Twitter from GTalk

I was introduced to Twitter sometime back and have been hooked since then. I am not sure why but it is nice to read what people are doing or thinking about, especially when you are feeling bored. I usually use my Google Talk application to write my updates rather than use my mobile.

However, I haven't been able to do so for quite sometime now. Previously, twitter@twitter.com used to be in my contact list and all I had to do was click it and write my update as we would normally do to chat with friends. However, the link is no longer seen as online (green). Now whenever I want to post my updates, I would have to go to my Twitter homepage and update from there.

Is anyone facing a similar problem?


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your experience. I like your blog and will come again.

Sridhar said...

Facing the same issue here. I think Twitter has taken down the option to post via GTalk. You can try out the new Identi.ca instead. It will let you microblog via GTalk. Check out my post on the same at http://www.webtechdaily.com/2008/07/03/identica-another-twitter-like-microblogging-service/

Anonymous said...

Same situation, I contact Twitter supporter and now it's working.