23 Jun 2008

Guy sells life on eBay

Ian Usher, a Brit now living in Australia, plans to walk out of his house with just his wallet and passport. According to a report on the BBC site, Ian "is selling his house, friends and job" on eBay. This includes all his stuff in the house. He apparently made this decision after his wife left him.

Bidding has already started and will end on 5am BST on 29 June. You have to register in order to bid. Go to his site "A Life 4 Sale" for more details.

Read another report on the Daily Mail site: Brit who emigrated to Australia sells his ENTIRE life on eBay after being jilted by his wife


Anonymous said...

Very cool. I don't want to sell my life, I just love it too much. But let me see, maybe I could sell my dreams. yeah. There must be people out there who have no dream. I could sell them some of mine. I have way too many of them anyway. I wonder how much somebody would bid for that...

Anonymous said...

For visibility is everything: D