What happened to Project Petaling Street

I have been a member of Project Petaling Street or PPS for a long long time. Started by Aizuddin Danian (if I am not mistaken), it was the best content aggregate site for Malaysian blogs. I say "WAS" because I just found out that the site is now this:

The title says "restaurant wong fook kee pps at petalingstreet.org".

Wonder what happened? Maybe the domain name owner forgot to renew it or he simply lost interest and let it go. I think the former is the more likely reason. It's really sad.

Now where do I go to get my latest on the Malaysian blogging scene? Any suggestions.

UPDATE: PPS is is back up again.


Anonymous said…
This happens most of the time as there can be technical issues, or like as you said the owner would have lost intrest. There is just one way and it is to find another blog.
Anonymous said…
It's like freelancer.com - great project and just dissappeared :(.
Michael said…
yah I've come across a lot of cool stuff that disappears like that....

good luck.
Norhafidz said…
looks like the domain is up again
Anonymous said…
they r still online. maybe got problem during renewing hosting and domain. biasalah tu :)


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