8 Jan 2015

Zummi - introduction to robotics

One of my friends has recently launched a campaign on Indiegogo to raise funding for their easy to learn Robot which they call Zummi.

Zummi Prototype

According to Fauzan Che Harun, leader of the team, he wants to show how easy it is to learn electronics. They use Arduino - a cheap microcontroller which allows you to do many things with just a few lines of code. Zummi uses code block programming and Fauzan insists that anybody can learn programming using Ardublock, which is open source. What is amazing is that they intend to make the design open source so that everyone can make their own robot and learn at their own pace.

Current add-on includes robot shooter, robot sniper, and robot servo hook with more add-ons planned in the future. You can get the bare Zummi for just USD50,where you get an unsoldered PCB and they have designed it with minimal surface mount and through hole soldering which can be a good way to learn soldering. You also get the casing design which you can print out yourself using a 3D printer.

If you do not want the hassle of assembling the robot, you can get the completely assembled Zummi for only US$100.

Check out the Zummi Indegogo site here.

If you want to learn more about the Zummi Robot project, go to www.zummibotz.com

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DJ Hire said...

Would love to know how to code better at the moment i can code a little html that's about it will be trying to learn over the next year or two