6 Aug 2011

Extreme protection for iPads

Now that you have invested a few hundred quid to buy a iPad, you are so excited and take it everywhere with you. Oops you dropped it and a car ran over it. You are lucky if you had insurance but even then it's not very pleasant.

Anyway, take a look at the Extreme iPad Sleeve from G-Form. The protective case for iPad is made of a special material which they call Reactive Protection Technology™. The RPT™ technology allows extreme sleeve to be soft, flexible and light-weight, while still offering unparalleled protection. The cases instantly stiffens upon impact when they are dropped and absorbs over 90% of the energy resulting from the drop. The makers claim that the case can protect the iPads from a 500 ft airplane drop. Oh yeah! The cases are water-resistant as well.

Take a look at the Youtube video:

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