Engage with visitors using Sunumax

Sunumax  is a great internet service whereby a real person will present your product or your site on a video.  The unique feature is that the videos does not play in the traditional box format.

It is a great way to catch the attention and engage with your visitors.

They have a number of models (more than 60) whom you can choose from and you can even preview how a typical video would look on your site.

Companies using their service include Hyundai, H&M, Asus and Beko among others. Pricing starts from $99 which is ideal if you are promoting a blog or small websites.


Norhafidz said…
Pretty amazing ideas, I might check them for my new product. Thanks for sharing Adam! :)
Write My Essay said…
Nice post!
Sunumax is really the simple way to engage with visitors.
Sadik KOCABASA said…
Sunumax is a very powerfull tool to increase sales..
Anonymous said…
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