6 Sept 2010

Not enough memory - get the TOSHIBA Ultra Slim External Hard Disk

I remember the days when we had 1 GB memory and all your friends went "wow!". Almost two years back, I bought the Buffalo 160GB MiniStation, TurboUSB Portable Hard Drive. I recently found out that it was nearly full - in fact I have less than 10Gb left.

My wife did some online shopping and came across the TOSHIBA Ultra Slim External USB Hard Disk with a huge 500GB storage on eBay from a company called Highest standard Ultimate (http://www.hsuuk.com). It just cost her £51 including the postage.

It is really compact and comes with a really nice white leather cover. Best of all it is anti shock (from 70cmm height) and has 3 years warranty. Now I want one for myself as well.

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Sam Wilson said...

I remember the days when getting even a 512mb Transcend USB thumb drive was already enough to get your friends buzzing.

Nowadays it's kinda amazing to see how even a 500gig external drive gets easily filled up.