12 Feb 2010

Google Buzz review

Two days ago I received an invitation form Google to join something called Google Buzz. Later on found out that it was Google's answer to Twitter after Google wave didn't result in that people waving at each other. The difference is that now, Buzz is fully integrated with the Gmail service and just a click away to millions of Gmail users Worldwide.

Initially I was sceptical but I am beginning to like it. I like the way I can integrate my Flickr, blogs and even Twitter accounts with it. That means that people who follow me on Buzz will see what I am up to on all these places. Users can post music and videos on it. On the downside, some guys who are already overloaded with stuff from all over the net might get annoyed.

You can comment on a Buzz, Like it, or email it. However, unlike Twitter, they don't have a Rebuzz facility.

So are you on Google Buzz yet?


CouponWebz | UPrinting Coupons said...

Yeah I was also a little skeptical at first but so far, I'm liking it! :D

Michelle | Large Format Posters said...

I think Google really has a big chance in making this work. it's Google after all.

Lowongan Kerja Terbaru said...

Google Buzz is not active now, isn't it?