20 Nov 2009

When a mobile phone loses it's best feature

I really loved my Sony Ericsson K770i Cyber-shot. Some of you might have noticed that I used the past tense "loved" instead of "love".

I got the mobile phone on a contract with 3. The only reason I choose the K770i was because of the 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus. I loved the fact that the lens was protected by a protective cover. Sliding this cover down immediately opened the camera. Whenever, I had low or no light, all I had to do was put on the xenon flash.

Loads of pictures on my Flickr page were taken using the phone.

Unfortunately, the only reason I bought this camera was lost the minute my wife dropped the phone. Something got broken I think and opening the camera brings up a warning "Another application is running. Close it then start the camera". Quite strange because there are no other applications running.

Without the camera, there's nothing much special about the mobile anymore.

My eyes are on the K850i Cyber-shot phone with it's 5 megapixels camera - a true camera phone.

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