17 Nov 2009

Preserve your memories in a Photobook

A few days back at a friend's place, I noticed this beautifully printed and bound coffee table book. Picked it up and was surprised when I realised that the pictures in the book had all been taken by him. My friend had ordered it from the US and it was quite costly.

While looking for a local company here in the UK, I came across a company called Photo Productions. They are actually the first (and I believe to be the only) company in the UK to produce and sell these premium DIY photobooks direct to consumers online. It's such a great idea and I was quite excited thinking of creating our own family Photobook album.

The site is quite user friendly and they provide full online proofing of the photobook designs once you have completed designing your Photobooks. The prices are quite reasonable starting at £175 for a 10 pages book. They would definitely make great Wedding albums or for any special occasion. Best part is that delivery by courier is free in the UK. You also get a 10% discount on subsequent books.

This post  was brought to you by Photo Prooductions Ltd.

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