20 Nov 2009

The Powermat - wireless gadget charging

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Powermat. All opinions are 100% mine.

Right now on my table I have two phones, a camera battery, a Sat-nav and a power screw driver charging and you can imagine the tangled mess of wires underneath. I am sure you have experience the situation whereby you wanted to recharge a particular gadget and the adaptor is missing, on to discover later that your wife had taken it downstairs.


I was really excited when the Powermat first came out. No more searching for the right adaptor for your gadgets and no more messy wires. The Powermat is definitely one of the most useful technological innovations. This revolutionary technology allows you to charge multiple devices without cables. All we have to do is place the enabled gadget on the power mate to recharge the batteries. It is compatible with various phones, MP3 players, cameras, Sat-navs, etc. The idea is so simple and useful, sometime I wonder why no one had thought about it before.

There is only one cable to the charger mat. Also once the device has been recharged, charging automatically stops. I really like the cool design. Using the mat is so simple and you can keep it to your office, in your dorm or on the road. I definitely want one.

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