20 Nov 2009

The Powermat - wireless gadget charging

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Powermat. All opinions are 100% mine.

Right now on my table I have two phones, a camera battery, a Sat-nav and a power screw driver charging and you can imagine the tangled mess of wires underneath. I am sure you have experience the situation whereby you wanted to recharge a particular gadget and the adaptor is missing, on to discover later that your wife had taken it downstairs.


I was really excited when the Powermat first came out. No more searching for the right adaptor for your gadgets and no more messy wires. The Powermat is definitely one of the most useful technological innovations. This revolutionary technology allows you to charge multiple devices without cables. All we have to do is place the enabled gadget on the power mate to recharge the batteries. It is compatible with various phones, MP3 players, cameras, Sat-navs, etc. The idea is so simple and useful, sometime I wonder why no one had thought about it before.

There is only one cable to the charger mat. Also once the device has been recharged, charging automatically stops. I really like the cool design. Using the mat is so simple and you can keep it to your office, in your dorm or on the road. I definitely want one.

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When a mobile phone loses it's best feature

I really loved my Sony Ericsson K770i Cyber-shot. Some of you might have noticed that I used the past tense "loved" instead of "love".

I got the mobile phone on a contract with 3. The only reason I choose the K770i was because of the 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus. I loved the fact that the lens was protected by a protective cover. Sliding this cover down immediately opened the camera. Whenever, I had low or no light, all I had to do was put on the xenon flash.

Loads of pictures on my Flickr page were taken using the phone.

Unfortunately, the only reason I bought this camera was lost the minute my wife dropped the phone. Something got broken I think and opening the camera brings up a warning "Another application is running. Close it then start the camera". Quite strange because there are no other applications running.

Without the camera, there's nothing much special about the mobile anymore.

My eyes are on the K850i Cyber-shot phone with it's 5 megapixels camera - a true camera phone.

17 Nov 2009

Preserve your memories in a Photobook

A few days back at a friend's place, I noticed this beautifully printed and bound coffee table book. Picked it up and was surprised when I realised that the pictures in the book had all been taken by him. My friend had ordered it from the US and it was quite costly.

While looking for a local company here in the UK, I came across a company called Photo Productions. They are actually the first (and I believe to be the only) company in the UK to produce and sell these premium DIY photobooks direct to consumers online. It's such a great idea and I was quite excited thinking of creating our own family Photobook album.

The site is quite user friendly and they provide full online proofing of the photobook designs once you have completed designing your Photobooks. The prices are quite reasonable starting at £175 for a 10 pages book. They would definitely make great Wedding albums or for any special occasion. Best part is that delivery by courier is free in the UK. You also get a 10% discount on subsequent books.

This post  was brought to you by Photo Prooductions Ltd.

12 Nov 2009

Nokia starts shipping the N900

The Nokia N900 based on open source Maemo 5 software are now on the way to the stores. The mobile phone will be available in retail stores this month. You can preorder it on just £499 or £34.26 per month on a 24 month contract with Vodaphone.

The Nokia N900 has been on my to have list since it was launched in August. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

11 Nov 2009

Happy Birthday Firefox

Firefox, my favourite browser is now 5 years old. The first version Firefox 1.0 was launched on the 9th of November 2004. I am proud to say that I was among the earliest adopters of the browser and introduced hundreds of people to the browser (mostly my students at Universiti Utara Malaysia). I have remained a loyal fan ever since and in fact, am  blogging this on Firefox 3.5.5.

Happy Birthday Firefox

9 Nov 2009

Examples of Sucessful Marketing on Social Networks

I was invited to deliver a lecture to students taking the Diploma in applied management at the Warwick Business School. These are different from my usual audience - academics and undergraduate students and I knew I had to focus more on practical applications rather than theories.

My lecture was supposed to focus on my research - marketing on blogs and touching on social networks as well. I had several good examples but wanted more examples of successful marketing campaigns using social networks. The answer was right in front of me - all I had to do was post up a question on Linkedin - the social networking of choice for professionals. So far I have had 13 answers and most of them were quite useful.

I would like to share some of the examples I used in the lecture as well as others given by Linkedin members:

1. Hutchison 3G UK Limited
: While launching their 3 Skypephone, prominent UK bloggers were contacted and given free samples to review. News and reviews carried on 3mobilebuzz blog

2. Dell.com: Exclusive offers on Twitter.com/DellOutlet
US$2 million in sales revenue at since they started in 2007. If the indirect sales were factored in, revenue was estimated to exceed $3 million. Source

3. Marks and Spencers are following in the footsteps of Dell and are on Twitter as well.

4. BMW/ Mini: Are using bloggers and YouTube to spread news about new product launcheds

5. Malene Stanley of KSB kids on Facebook and Twitter.

6. Dr. Pepper: They used social media to target the specific audience. It's considered a great success. (Source).

7. Wiggly Wigglers had great success with podcasting. They won the Dell Small Business Excellence Award.

8. Evian and the Roller Babies ad on YouTube has been viewed more than 10 milion times.

9. Microsoft and it's innovative launch of its Halo II game using viral/Wom marketing.

And of course...

10. Barak Obama’s presidential campaign led by Chris Hughes (Co-founder of Facebook) on YouTube, MySpace, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.

Do you know of any more?

6 Nov 2009

Moving up the google rankings for SEO Expert UK

I was delighted when I noticed that my blog is now on the second page of search results on my favourite search engine - Google, for the terms SEO Expert UK .

It's been 5 months since I wrote the post 'seo expert uk' and my blog has been creeping up the results ever since. Wonder how long it will take before it gets to the first results page.

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