28 May 2009

Web host ratings

I had blogged about a Web hosting review site some time ago which had received considerable interest from my readers. it was no surprise considering the fact that there are so many providers around each claiming to give you the best value for your money. Well, recently I came across Webhostingrating.com, another site that rates web hosting providers.

On the main page, they have provided a list of 10 top best web hosts based on independent customer web hosting rating. According to the list the top web host is InMotion Hosting, followed by Awardspace.com and Web Hosting Pad. Here they have a "thumbs up" rating system with InMotion Hosting receiving 5 "thumbs up".

As your business or traffic gets bigger ultimately people move into dedicated web hosting. Their dedicated web hosting page lists two providers, namely, InMotion Hosting and iWebFusion Technologies LLC. Only InMotion has received 5 thumbs up while the later is unrated as yet.

If you are looking for a good web host, I would definitely recommend going through this site.


Bill / Web Hosting Art said...

To be advised by independent web hosting review sites is one of the most useful and correct approaches that you should follow when you are searching for a new web hosting provider. The problem is that there are some websites of this kind that belong to web hosting companies, which try to manipulate every review they publish. They try not only to elevate their ratings, but at the same time they downgrade the competition. If one web hosting firm is using such marketing procedures in order to gain us as a customer, then imagine what sort of services is capable in offering to their clients. We must be very careful and always we must take in consideration more than one resources for information. Thank god Internet is full of blogs and forums…

Ninah said...

What is more challenging than looking for a web host is finding real, independent reviews. Many reviews online are from affiliates or paid reviewers. One has to have the instinct to detect less than truthful reviews.