21 May 2009

Why people don't follow you on Twitter

Having been on Twitter for quite a while, I was looking at ways to increase the number of my followers. However, while doing so I found out several mistakes that people make on Twitter that turns away others from following them.

Some of them are listed below:
  1. Not having a profile photograph.

  2. Not having a profile description.
    I know some people are really concerned about their privacy and blah, blah but if you are, then you shouldn't be on any social network.

  3. Someone who has no updates.

  4. Someone who doesn't have a profile photograph, description or updates.
    I am surprised that this guy had over 200 followers without even making a single update.

  5. Someone who keeps tweeting links to "get rich quick" schemes.

  6. Someone who uses abusive language.
    A good way to lose existing followers as well.
Can you think of other reasons why you might not follow someone on twitter.

UPDATE: Unlike what some people seem to think, the guys at Twitter are scanning the Twittersphere for funny activity. Clicking on some profiles will take you to this page:

First commentator:


Walski69 said...

Because the person is impersonating someone who's dead?

Like this person.

Out of morbidity, that is.

Still, she/he has got 414 followers (me included - I just couldn't resist).

Andy @ Stock charts said...

Well I have tried working and raise my followers in twitter but so far I am not able to cross 450 followers :(

Joanne said...

ah, thanks for sharing this :)

Unknown said...

too many tweets will also get people to unfollow you.

Dilip Mutum said...

Nicole: Don't really agree with that because most of the most popular Twitterers are also the most prolific.