26 Sept 2008

E-Business 2008 conference

The E-Business 2008 conference was not the first non-academic conference I have attended but it was by far the best conference. It was

Instead of boring academics presenting their research findings, we had three amazing speakers. The most interesting was Michael Smith, founder and online gadget and gift store Firebox. The story of how he set up the company from scratch with his friend Tom Boardman, was really inspiring and he had us in stitches with his humorous anecdotes. Michael has gone on to start Mind Candy - a game developing company and Moshi Monsters - a virtual World and game site targeted at kids. He also gave a very interesting example of how the site WillItBlend.com started by Blendtec was helping drive customers to their site. Just got to check out some of the videos on the site. Really hilarious.

However, I guess the speaker I was most looking forward to was "Marketing Guru" Dave Chaffey. I have used his books and they are recommended text in the University of Malaya's E-Marketing course for business undergraduates. Dave talked about effective digital marketing techniques for the SME and this included Search Engine Optimisation. He's a true SEO expert. Received a number of invaluable practical tips.

A search on Google for the search terms "e-marketing training" shows that he practices what he preaches. All the top three results are his sites. I also got to chat with him for a while during the break. He was surrounded by loads of people (trying to get free e-marketing advice from him). Never got the chance to ask him when he would be lecturing in Warwick again. He pointed out a number of online tools that online marketers could use to optimise their site with particular emphasis on Google Webmaster tools. His best tip for online businesses: "Don't make customers think". In other words, keep it simple. I guess he's a believer in KISS (Keep it simple stupid).

Google works in mysterious ways
- Dave Chaffey

The last speaker was another online entrepreneur, Penny Power, founder of Ecademy - the social network for businesses. She talked about the role of social networking in helping businesses. Penny's lecture was really thought provoking. She talked about Dr.Ivan Misner's VCP, on how businesses need to increase their visibility, then build up their credibility which will ultimately result in profitability. It's so simple but I totally agree.

All of them talked about blogging and the power of blogs but none touched on the issue I was really interested in - that of consumer generated advertising in blogs. Their idea of blogging was more about connecting with the customers or PR. I queried their views on advertising on consumer generated content such as blogs during the Q and A session but I could see they were not really familiar with it. Michael thought it was dodgy but Dave did mention an example of viral marketing on blogs. I got a chance to explain what I meant by sponsored content to Dave during the lunch break. I am not really sure what he thought about it. Guess I taught a marketing Guru something.

It's not surprising, This is something really new here in the UK but this means that I am on the right track as it is the focus of my doctoral research.

24 Sept 2008

Unlocking the iPhone 3G

Now enough of the Google phone and Android. One of my cousins bought a used iPhone from the US. She was looking forward to playing with the various applications and of course showing it off to her friends. Her happiness was short lived. She didn't realise that it was locked and that the new Apple has made it near impossible to unlock it. I guess Apple did this because of their contracts with various carriers.

One of her "IT expert" friends spent a few nights trying to unlock the phone using various iPhone unlocking software freely available on the net but to no avail. Searching on the net for a solution led me to hundreds of dubious unlocking software solutions. However reviews indicate that most of them involved cutting the sim card as well. My own techie friend Fauzan, lead me to one of the so called sim card solutions called EASYiSIM NO CUT available on ebay. Not sure whether it works though.

David Zeiler writes that "Unlocking the new iPhone won’t be worth the trouble" in his blog.

Please contact me if you have successfully unlocked the new iPhone 3G?

More about Android

Watch the presentation about Android, Google's mobile phone software, by Steve Horowitz.

You must be wondering about Google's products on Android:

Google is also giving away the first Google phone at the live cast of T-Mobile’s Android announcement today. Not sure whether I am too late. Just go over to the Android Community forum and sign up. You may be the lucky one.

23 Sept 2008

First images of the Google phone

There have been various purported images of the new Google phone circulating on the net but some were proven to be fakes or just concepts. Anyway, here in the UK the Mirror has released pics of the phone running Android, the mobile phone software developed by Google.

The images are not that sharp and definitely doesn't looks as cool as the iPhone.

It has also brought little known Taiwanese firm HTC into the limelight.

T-Mobile will release the phone here in the UK at a press conference this afternoon.

Picture from the Daily Mail online site

21 Sept 2008

Ongoing template update

I am in the process of updating my blog template. Please bear with me while the whole layout changes back and forth and my widgets fly here and there and even doing the disappearing act.

14 Sept 2008

E-business conference at the University of Warwick

The National B2B Centre based at The University of Warwick is organising their first annual conference. With the theme 'E-Business 2008: Creating a future advantage', the conference aims to share e-business expertise that will help your business use the internet to perform better and grow bigger.

Speakers include Michael Smith of Firebox.Com (keynote speaker), e-marketing guru Dave Chaffey of Marketing Insights and Penny Power, founder of ecademy.

Best thing about the conference is that it is totally free. However, there are limited places so book early.

Related link: B2B centre Blog

B-to-B Demand Generation Summit 2008

MarketingSherpa, one of the leading market research companies, is offering readers of Adamok.net (that's you guys), an exclusive $200 discount for the B-to-B Demand Generation Summits in Boston and San Francisco next month.

Here are the details:
  • Boston, October 5-7, 2008
  • San Francisco, October 26-28, 2008
This is the 5th Annual MarketingSherpa Summit and offers
  • 19 all-new Case Studies
  • Latest Research on B-to-B marketing
  • Training Day for Landing Page Optimization
NOTE: This offer ends September 19th 2008.

11 Sept 2008

The Dell Inspiron Mini 9

Following the success of the Asus Eee , other PC manufacturers have released their own versions of mini PCs. This includes Fujitsu with their Amilo Mini and now Dell.

Dell officially unveiled the new Inspiron Mini on the 4th of this month and is now available in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany and Austria.

It weighs just 1.035kg and has a bright 8.9-inch glossy LED display (1024x600). Wi-Fi is standard. Other customisations include Built-in Webcam and Bluetooth.

It runs on Microsoft Windows XP and prices start at £299/ including VAT and delivery.

Dell promises to bring other models running Ubuntu 8.04 and a custom interface developed by Dell in the following weeks with a lower prices starting at £269 including VAT and delivery.

10 Sept 2008

Introducing the new Nano-Chromatic

From the Apple UK site.

Apple has unveiled its latest version of the iPod Nano, the Nano-Chromatic. This is the fourth generation of the iPod Nano and is the thinnest yet at only 6.2 mm (0.24 inch) thick.

The Nano-Chromatic has a 2-inch liquid crystal display with 320x240 pixel resolution. An interesting innovation is the "shake to shuffle" feature, whereby you shake the Nano to shuffle the content.

It is available in nine colours and with either 8GB or 16GB versions. The 8GB version can carry 2,000 songs / 8 hours of video and retails at £109 while the 16GB version carries 4,000 songs / 16 hours of video and costs £149.

Plus you can personalise your new iPod Nano with a laser engraving - for FREE.

For more info visit the Nano-Chromatic site.

8 Sept 2008

Sign up with Barnabus Smyth

The job market is not so hot these days but there are still many opportunities out there if you know where to look. If you happen to be looking for a job, I think you should check out Barnabas Smythe.


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6 Sept 2008

Google Chrome in the news

Just what people are saying about Google's new browser:
"..the browser is a gateway into the clouds"
in "Google's Chrome Ups the Ante" Business Week

Pro and cons of Chrome:

"Google's Chrome: 7 Reasons for It and 7 Reasons Against It"

by J. R. Raphael, PC World

About the logo:

"The Inspiration Behind The Logo Design of Google Chrome"

3 Sept 2008

Google Browser

Looks like the latest Google product to be added to their long list of products is a browser. It's called "Google Chrome". Just downloaded it and trying it out now.

There was an prank April Fool's day post on the "Google Operating System Blog" in 2006. Well, it looks like Google has been working on an open source browser all this while.

Read the official statement from Google about the browser: "A fresh take on the browser". Also check out the online comic about Google chrome.

Wonder what this means for Firefox.

Download the Beta version of Google Chrome here.

2 Sept 2008

Advertising with Project Wonderful

Recently signed up with Project Wonderful, which has come up with a really innovative advertising model. They call it the "Infinite Auction" model. They way is works is quite simple:
- Sign up
- Add some money into your account (I started with $5)
- Bid on an advertising slot on Adam Ok Dot Net with any price you like on a "cost per day" basis (many start with just one cent).

The ad will remain up as long as you are the highest bidder. The best thin is that you won't be charged if you ad is not displayed. If you want it up, you increase your bid again.

For bloggers, this is another way to earn some money from your blogs.