4 Oct 2017

Review of MP Magic socks

When we talk about technology, the first thing that comes to mind are the gadgets and ICT related stuff. However, technology is improving our lives in so many different way and that includes innovation in the clothes we wear.

I recently received 2 pairs of socks - called MP Magic socks to try out. One was the short ankle type (ankle grey) and the other one was a regular length sock (crew black).

So what is so special about these shocks?

Well, the people who make them, claim that these socks are odourless. These  are made from unique fabric material which are infused with three different types of metals, namely,  Silver, Copper and Zinc. The metal are supposed to kill the bacteria which cause odour.

To be honest, I was a bit sceptical. The material was soft and the socks they sent me were the exact fit for me.

To test them out, I wore them to work - for almost  9 hours. Malaysia is a hot country and I was walking a lot the first time I wore the socks.

Got home and my feet were really hot and sweaty. I do not have any sophisticated odour measuring equipment so I had to rely on my own nose and I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, it did not smell as fresh as it did in the morning before I put them on but - there was definitely no odour. I have worn them on a couple of occasions since then and seem quite durable.

If you are interested to find out more about the MP magic socks, visit their Indiegogo funding page. They have already exceeded their target with 11 days left.

23 Sep 2017

Getting the Most from an IT Security Auditpay

By Julie Brown

If you’re running a small business, or you’re responsible for the IT department of a larger enterprise, then the best thing you can do before this year is out is to perform an IT security audit.
A security audit is an easy thing to overlook when everything is so busy, but hackers and criminals never slack, so you should always be on the lookout for exploits and vulnerabilities.
Here’s how to get the best out of your next audit:

Define what you want out of it
Your audit must be as thorough as you can make it. It may, if you’re a small business, be a good idea to make use of the UK’s free Cyber Essentials service to look at your security. At the very least, you need to list the things that need to be examined – all computer equipment and terminals, machinery and anything else that’s networked.

Define the threats
You need to know your enemy – you’re looking for hackers, malware and viruses, as well as slapdash employees who don’t think before opening that unexpected-but-amusing attachment or who still use Password1. There’s also the threat of physical damage – are you in a flood zone? Has there been a spike in break-ins recently?

Learn from previous mistakes
Look at what past audits have highlighted, as well as previous breaches or recurring issues to see if you can eliminate them for good. Past challenges can point to the future – looking at what happened and how you resolved the problems is very instructive. If you got hit badly by a virus last year, make sure that you’re stronger this year, for example.
You shouldn’t forget about old-fashioned threats like fire, either – start a programme of scanning important paper documents and storing them in a cloud.

All of your assets are valuable, but some are invaluable – prioritise the assets you need and value the most and take your biggest and first steps against the likeliest and biggest threats. Your customer database is vital and a likely target, so aim there first. Leave tornado, volcano and asteroid protection until later.

Make a control list
It's an unpleasant fact, but you need to face it head-on; one of your biggest threats comes from within – your own employees. You shouldn’t give out sensitive information willy-nilly to staff unless they need to know, so limit access to mission-critical information.
By making a control list, you can see if someone’s tried to get into restricted files. If it happens just the once, then it’s most likely an accident, but if there’s been repeated attempts within a small timeframe, then someone’s up to no good and you need to take swift action.

Bring in intrusion protection
Once you have your control list, you can monitor your network and set up alerts which go to the appropriate staff if there’s any intrusions. You can install 24-7 protection, as well as up-to-date firewalls and the latest antivirus and antimalware systems.

Look after your emails
Emails are the easiest way into your network – countless spam emails are fired out daily, trying to get people to download dodgy attachments. Your outgoing emails should also be encrypted so they’re not “open” to hackers and employees should practice good email hygiene.

Get physical
You shouldn’t forget about physical threats like break-ins. Someone could steal a laptop or a tablet and download your information that way. Make sure your physical office is well-protected and that all work devices are encrypted and password-protected, right down to the oldest smartphone in the building.

30 Jun 2017

GOGO Lantern review

This is a long overdue review. I received another fabulous product to review - the GOGO Lantern.

Well if you are the outdoorsy type and love camping, among the essentials you have to carry include a lamp, a torch and buckets - well, now you can have all of that in one cool package with the GOGO lantern. It is not yet available in the market and I received a review sample.

The bucket is collapsible and made from plastic thus making it highly portable. Attached to the bucket is the lamp with the LED lights.

Fully charge it up and it will last between 6-8 hours. You can charge the lantern via the built in solar panel or via USB cable. The indicator turns green when it is charged above 80% and turns red when the charge is below. The red indicator starts blinking when the power is low.

The review piece I received did not come with any instructions so I had to figure out some of the features myself. The lights detaches from the bucket by turning it slightly counterclockwise at the bottom. It is completely waterproof (IP67 certified).

The amazing thing about the lantern is that it comes with capacitative sensors and automatically turns on when you put in in water or attach it via the built-in magnet, to a metallic surface. You can also turn it on manually by pressing the button in the centre. It has three modes. First press: normal mode; Second press: bright mode and Third press: blinking lights. You then press it again to shut it off.

The lantern also came with a lanyard which you can use to attach the lamp and hang it around your neck converting it to a great hands free lantern.

It come in three colours, namely orange, light blue and light green. You can further customise the lantern by painting the bucket with a design of your choice.

Though ideal for a camping trip, the lantern would be perfect for a hiking trip, BBQ party or a trip to the beach.

Their Indiegogo page should be up soon and I am sure that they would be able to reach their funding target really fast.

3 Jun 2017

Flextail Helio Lantern review

There is nothing more I love then reviewing gadgets which are not even out in the market yet. I was recently sent a review sample of the Helio - a multifunctional outdoor lantern. It is so new that it came without even any "How to" guides or even a proper cover.

As compared to other typical camping lanterns, the Helio is much more compact and efficient and really bright as well.

Flextail is a Chinese startup company based in  Dalian, China and founded  two  years  ago  by  Li Tao  with  his  classmates,  all  students  of  mechanical engineering at Dalian Maritime University.
Helio is their second product and this amazing lantern reached it's funding goals on Kickstarter in just 20 hours.It is not hard to see why. The lantern is just 45 gms and outputs 200 lumens with a lighting distance of up to a distance of 20 meters.  It takes only 20 minutes to charge and on a full charge, the lantern will last 10 hours - yes, that's right 10 freaking hours. It also has an water resistance rating of IP34 (which means water resistant to water spray from any direction).

And according to the company, the lantern will last for 400 hours of uninterrupted light if you use a 10000mAh powerbank - that's slightly more than 16 days.

The Lantern comes with a hook and a magnet which makes it really easy to attach it / hook it up.

Go and check the Helio out on their Kickstarter page. It is just $29 for one lamp (retail price of $34).

20 May 2017

Glovax adventure gloves review

This is a long overdue review.

Received a fantastic pair of gloves a couple of weeks ago and is here is my review after testing them out. The gloves I got were the  Glovax pro gloves - which are bright orange. I tried them out while preparing food, repairing my car and also when gardening and it was perfect.

The Glovax pro gloves are meant for outdoors and daily use and though they look like the rubberized gloves you can get in your local DIY store, they are very different. According to Owen Zhang, the guy behind the gloves, the gloves are made from special yarn materials developed by their partner factory in Zhejiang China - really amazing tech as I found out.

The gloves are abrasion, cut resistant and tear resistant (watch the video). The micro pattern of the coating on the gloves makes them water proof (at least where the coating is present), oil proof and very grippy, making them a perfect glove for various activities including fishing, car repair work, gardening, etc.

The gloves are very soft and comfortable ( I got the XL size)  and quite light weight (about 40 gms). Moreover, I found the glove doesn't become uncomfortable when I sweat as the fabric  absorbs the sweat.

They have recently launched their campaign on Indiegogo.

The MSRP of the Glovax pro will be US$49 but you can now get them for just US$29 (+ shipping).

Watch me trying to cut the gloves while I was wearing them, with a really sharp kitchen knife.


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