Scour search engine

Just found out about Scour a new search engine with a difference. You get results from Google, Yahoo! and MSN search on one page and you get to vote and comment on the results. Thus, you become part of a online social network. Best of all you are awarded points for your activity on the site, which can be redemmed later for Visa gift cards.

Scour originally started off as, a search engine with an AJAX backbone. The new brand name - Scour, came about after it was was acquired by Internext media, owner and operator of the ABCSearch Network.

Right now it is still in Beta and I am looking forward to see how it does.


Anonymous said…
I will prefer searching for a single search engine. Everyone has their preferred search engine and for a matter of fact, it is really much slower to retrieve data from multiple SE as compared to using just one SE.
Jed Chua said…
I used to like Scour but recently, they didn't show love to all of its users. If you're not part of the country lists they posted, you get $5 for 50,000 points. Now, that's just a bummer right?


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