29 Jul 2008

Getting an IT certification

Have been quite frustrated the past few weeks. All my applications for jobs I really like, have all been unsuccessful. It looks like I am going to be stuck doing some part time teaching in the University and some odd jobs with lousy pay. Of course I am hoping that things would get better after I get my PhD but that's so far off and right now my financial status isn't that great.

The last job interview I had gone for was for the post of Search Engine Optimisation Specialist in a multinational company based here (Yes! that's an actual job position). I couldn't believe it when I didn't get the job as I was sure that I had convinced them that I could do the job. I am still not sure why I didn't get the job but I have a strong suspicion that the fact that I don't have a IT background had something to do with it. Almost everything I know about computers and IT are self taught apart from some short course I take from time to time.

Everyone tells me that the job market is not so good right now. However, looking at the various job ads I receive in my email inbox from the various job agencies, tells me that it is not exactly true for the IT sector. There are loads of jobs out there, especially those looking for networking professionals. A number of these jobs require some form of certification or the other. Among the most widely respected IT certification programs available is a Cisco certification. The quality of these programmes offered by Cisco means that the various certifications are highly valued by organisations Worldwide. This in turn translates to lucrative and rewarding jobs. I have to admit that I am seriously tempted. If it means that I will be getting a £25k- 30k per annum job, I might even put my studies on hold.

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Anonymous said...

I decided to get myself several IT certifications a couple of years ago and I think they really helped me to land some decent IT jobs (web developer roles). Mine were from a company called Prosoft, they look great on my CV. I have to say though, I didn't learn a thing from doing them! I knew it all already, but when you have no formal qualifications, it really helps to back up your big talk.

Edvanderson R. Silva said...

Very good this website. I´m from brasil (Rio de Janeiro) and i like to read it.
Edvanderson R. Silva

Anonymous said...

2 things strike me in your post:

1. I feel for your lack of objective certification as I'm in the same position. My way around it was to go in business for myself through product launches, affiliate marketing and SEO contracts. Why don't you do the same as you know you would make way more than 30K.

2. Is your PHD IT related or is this a part time gig for you?

Thanks for making this blog as I always find it interesting.

P.S. I'm sure you already do but maybe you could emphasize enven more your past achievements such as this blog.

Dilip Mutum said...

Thanks for your comments guys.
Christophe: Thanks for the advise. My PhD research is on Blogs so kind of related. I think you are referring to my blogging - well it's more of a hobby rather than a full time job but I do get some money out of it though not a lot.