24 Jul 2008

Now you can blog in Melayu

Good news for all my Malaysian friends- Blogger is now available in Bahasa Malaysia (BM). This is a sign of recognition for all the Malaysian bloggers out there.

I am not really sure how this works whether it makes any difference because BM also uses the normal Latin alphabet. A lot of people have been blogging in BM for a long time. However, this might make it easier for some newbies who are not really familiar with the Blogger interface.


Anonymous said...

Google has been working on various new things for blogger but they have been DARN SLOW when compared to wordpress..

same reason why they have lost all the popularity against WP

Anonymous said...

Wow. That is really nice. The malaysian are really doing some quality blogging.

Anonymous said...

This is very interesting post. Keep it up for other readers. Thanks