22 Jul 2008

I am what?

If you live in the Uk, I am sure you must have seen the "I Am" ad on TV. The tag line is part of a multimillion global ad campaign launched by UK mobile operator Orange. I was driving to the city centre when I noticed the sentence below: search online for "I am".

Intrigued, I did search it in Google and found out that it was there on top of the results page but it was not # 1 in the actual results but rather a sponsored link with a light yellow background. I am not sure whether anybody searches for "I am" on search engine. Clearly they are not going for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). However, I guess the ad campaign is working because it got me to search for it and ultimately go to ther special site where I hung around for a while. I will bet that there are a few other geeky guys around doing the same thing as well.

BTW, according to the Gadget show, Orange' Dolphin 15 is the best mobile phone deal along with 3's Mix and Match.

I should point out that in another show, they pointed out that the Flext 35 (£27/month) was the best because it came with a free Nokia N95. I tried to find it on the T Mobile site but the offer is not there any more. However, they did have the Combi 30 (18 months) plan where you only pay £30 per month for FREE phone, 700 minutes and unlimited texts. That's even better.

Best that Orange.


Anonymous said...

I have plans for settling in UK.thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

I did the same and saw NO ADS??

looks like they have stopped marketing :P

Dilip Mutum said...

Deleted the previous comments because they were clearly spam