19 Jul 2008

Apple iPhone 3G shortcomings

Updated: 24 July 2008

I was really blown away by the hype surrounding the launch of the new Apple iPhone and was even looking forward to getting one for myself. I was telling one of my friends about my plans to get one. However, according to him the new iPhone is still not good enough to beat the Nokia N95 he's using right now and he may be right.

No doubt the the new iPhone looks great and has loads of great new applications. However, it obviously has some shortcomings.

1. I guess the most obvious is that it does not have a camera on the front which means that proper video conferencing (where people on both ends can see wach other) is out of the question.

2. Another great new feature, the GPS capability apparently does work but using it for navigating your car around the city night be a problem. According to an article on Businessweek, the phone still does not allow "turn-by-turn, voice-enabled directions". This means that I still have to carry my TomTom sat nav around with me. I read on Engadget that TomTomwas working on a sat-nav version that works with the iPhone but am not sure whether it has.

3. I was also dismayed to find out that it is still not possible to copy and paste text on the new iPhone (source: Reuters). I would have thought that the Apple engineers would have added this simple functionality but they didn't.

4. Just found out that the iPhone doesn't record videos. I simply couldn't believe it. Even my 3 Skypephone can do that.

Clearly the iPhone 3G is not perfect but as a lady friend told me " who cares about all those functions, it's the sexiest phone in the market". I agree wholeheartedly.


Anonymous said...

don't you think this post would have looked great if you would have written these using bullets??

it looks little boring to read the points

Dilip Mutum said...

Thanks for the suggestion Bouncer.

Deanna@Best-Buy said...

I think people like the iPhone because of all its features and all the apps that go with it. Certainly, it has its shortcomings like any other phone. I think in the past Apple may have held back with some updates because there were no strong competitors. However that has changed now, with companies like Google and HTC enhancing their offerings.