16 Jun 2008

Viscount on Knighthood

I have been playing Knighthood, a strategy game on Facebook for a while. Read my previous post about being addicted to the game here. I decided to lay low for a while to lick my wounds and build up my defences. Lost a couple of my vassals to more powerful opponents the last time I was in the war mode.

I recently moved up to Viscount, thanks to Count Zaid, my leige. However, yesterday I found out that another player, Count Odd had seized me from Count Ziad and became my new liege. On the request of Zaid I went into war mode and rebelled against Odd but was not successful. I noticed that my profile is now in the "Realm" and was quite happy to find out that I am the #3 player in the University of Warwick.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, you are obviously not familiar with the game. Maybe you should join my army.


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Dilip Mutum said...

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