29 May 2008

MarketingSherpa's Online Advertising Handbook reviewed

I have been neglecting this blog - not due to blogger's block or lack of topics but simply because I am up to my neck with work. Unlike other full time bloggers, I have to juggle blogging with my research, part-time jobs and taking care of my kids. Really busy with my research work and have my upgrade presentation on the 6th of next month. Anyway, I have had some free time and this is a long overdue review of MarketingSherpa's new book- the '2008 Online Advertising Handbook with Benchmarks'.

The book has four chapters and covers everything from budgets and analytics to online branding and method of delivery. This is clearly targeted at practitioners, with real life examples (meaning less theories) and the text is easy to read with easy to understand figures and graphs. For example, a special report on matching rich media design tactics to strategic goals, they have used EyeWonder as an example. The books goes through each of their major campaign objectives along with the strategies used. They are but one of the examples used through out the book to illustrate various online advertising techniques and strategies.

The executive summary points out how online advertisers are ignoring the use of online ads for branding purposes and instead emphasising clicks. I found the book really useful as it is quite relevant to my doctoral research. However, I feel that this book will be highly useful to online advertisers as well as business managers thinking of advertising online. Another feature of the book that I found quite helpful was the Glossary which defines most of the technical terms used in the book and in online advertising circles, some of which have not come into popular academic usage.

This book costs $497/ and I recommend it for both practitioners and academics alike, as well as anyone who's interested in the latest trends in online advertising.

Thanks to Jeanne Hopkins and other guys from the MECLABS Group, MarketingSherpa for sending me a complimentary copy of the book.


Anonymous said...

Marketing through online methods is a good way to make your product available to the whole world. The people around the world will come to know about the product and will be attracted if the product is worth.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you really suggested a nice book. Thanks. Its really true that one needs to have a good marketing strategy for success in online market. Unless you market your product/service effectively, how can people came to about the product/service they are looking for?

Looking for further posts form your side.