Levi's Mobile

Just got to know about the Levi's mobile, made exclusively for Levi Strauss by the French design company, Modelabs.

The compact phone (96 x 55 x 11 mm) has a steel casing with their famous logo of two horses pulling a jeans, etched on the back. It comes in metallic silver, black and brown copper colours.

The triband phone has a 2 megapixels camera and MP3 player. It comes with 64MB memory which can be expended upto 2 GB (Micro SD).

The website claims that the Li-Ion batteries gives you a Talk time of up to 3H30 and stand by time of up to 200 Hrs.

Another unique feature (which I don't really like) is a detachable chain that hooks up to your phone on the bottom.


Anonymous said…
looks like a decent design to me..except for the small hook at the bottom..:)
Anonymous said…
cool design of the mobile my wife want one after watch the pic.
i realy liked levis jeans....i am so excited abt the mobile phones too...i am sure i am goig to consider,,cos after my N series from nokia....waiting in india
Anonymous said…
I don't think that they can catch the market like jeans they have captured. this market is not like the jeans market.
Anonymous said…
It´s a hot thing.... Not the woman: the phone :) We don´t have it in Europe!
Anonymous said…
@ markus: sure we have. Look at ebay. Also the selling price ist acceptable.
Anonymous said…
Really a hot stuff!
michael Sommer said…
Hot Stuff, but the greatest phone is and remains i-phone.
Vince said…
Not my imagination of a mobile phone, i like the design of my htc touch hd . one big display :)
james said…
yea I think the same!! I hate those Mobile Phone where the Display is to small..Iphone is best! But thx :D
I like this phone :D cool design ;)


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