17 Mar 2008

Page ranked finally

I was really excited when I noticed a couple of minutes ago that my blog 'ah ok lah' is showing a Google page rank (PR) of 3. Thanks Google. I am hoping that it goes back to the PR 5 it once was before I got "Googlespanked".

FYI, Googlespank refers to Google punishing websites, which they consider naughty, with a big fat PR 0. I was one of their victims and I was really upset when I realised that my blogs had been penalised after the PR updates in January.

Unfortunately, the PR of this blog and others are still showing 0 page rank. Hopefully they will review my other blogs as well.

In case you are wondering what I did to get my penalization lifted, I have no idea. I did not apply for a reconsideration or "re-inclusion request" as suggested by Matt Cutts. However, I have removed ads from other companies (including referral buttons) and only carry Google adsense ads. I also haven't written a sponsored post for ages. So I can safely assume that those are the reasons I got my PR back.

I wasn't earning a lot in the first place but now my revenue from my blogs have dropped to a fraction to what I used to, a couple of months ago. Hopefully that will change once the PR of my blogs go up.


Anonymous said...

yeah well lucky you mate! Mine it keeps disappearing. I never knew the world of hurt google puts out on you. I used to read threads and blogs about ppl cribbing about their PR. I used to laugh, but then a few months back I got me a site and well its amazing how much of a rush and excitement it is to see your PR jump. But when it slumps its as if someone kicked you "right there" lol ... Mine keeps doing it every now and then. I see it at 2 and then next day 0 ... bloody hell!

Anonymous said...

totally understand what you mean. Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting your page rank back. Most of us who have been around a while have had a google slap. As long as you comply with Googles wishes and submit a request for reinclusion you should get it back.