26 Nov 2007

Sick of comments with ads

Spammers are now getting wiser. Now they are leaving comments that look genuine but with a link ad inserted in the text and/ or using certain key words linked to a website as their name. I suspect that some SEO companies might be involved in these schemes to increase the SERP results.

If you want to leave a comment on my blog please use your real name or nick name otherwise the comment will be promptly deleted.


Anonymous said...

There is no question that people are being paid to make posts on blogs. This might not be all bad, as long as the comments are genuine and arise from the post.

Anonymous said...

That is right Adam.. I wrote a post abt alexa.. juz mentioning tht I need to improve the same.. I got a whole para.. thrice the size of tht post saying that alexa is important.. blah blah blah.. am gonna delete the same..