4 Sept 2007

Eco friendly web host

I read this rather interesting piece of news in a local newspaper last week. It was about a local entrepreneur who has launched an Eco-friendly web hosting company. Solar Host is a subsidiary of 'Floppynet Ltd', both owned by Tom Willianmson (22). According to their website, their servers are 100% powered by solar energy. That might appeal to environment conscious people.

Some of the energy efficient technology used by their data center includes the use of solar tubes to bring in natural sunlight during the day and water cooling systems.

The hosting packages are not that bad either with hosting rates starting from £30 annually for 100Mb space and 1GB monthly bandwidth.

I really love their web site design as well. Quite unique.


Anonymous said...

$60 for 12 months is not bad at all. I'd be curious to see some photos of their establishment. I was also not impressed with their servers minimum spec, but I guess there are sacrifices to make when buying green. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick. Yeah some pics would be nice. I am not sure but someone told me that their data centers were in California.