5 Sept 2007

Videos on energy and environmental issues

Yes! I am still continuing my green theme. I am sometimes bewildered by people who are not concerned at all with the on-going debate on climate change. In fact, I found some people to be against the very idea of changing the current energy policies to more eco-friendly ones, because that might mean paying a little bit more or a change in their lifestyles.

Thankfully, many are coming round to the idea that being environmentally friendly is a good idea and it is worth paying a little bit more or changing your lifestyle for a better future. The survival of the Earth may very well be at stake if we continue what we are doing without any change.

It may not necessarily be that costly to be eco-friendly as some imagine. I was watching a video showing Battelle, a major U.S. research organization, unveiling its new report, Global Energy Technology Strategy: Addressing Climate Change. It was really interesting.
...if the present suite of energy technologies is improved and key advanced energy technologies developed and deployed.

I watched this video on Energy Policy TV's climate change Channel. Energypolicytv.com hosts your videos relating to energy and environmental issues, totally free of charge. These can include speeches, seminars, presentations, news conferences, etc. However, they do not accept video news releases or product or service video ads. This site should interest policy makers as well as any one interested in these issues.

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