3 Sept 2007

Useful USB temparature sensor

There are so many amazing gadgets that can be connected to your computer via Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports. One of them is the
Temperature@lert USB Sensor with Email Alerts. This gadget monitors the ambient temperature and will alert you via email if it falls below or climbs above a preset range. You can have Realtime graphing and XML support with temperature measures in both degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit.

The device was primarily meant to be used as a alarm if the air conditioning in a server room failed. However, people have found out several creative uses for it. I was thinking of a crazy use for it. I drink a lot of coffee and have had my tongue burnt a few times. However, if you leave it to cool too long, it won't be tasty to drink. I was thinking that the 'Temperature@lert' would be a great way to test the temperature of the coffee in the cup everytime I want to drink it. However, I have to make sure that it is covered in a waterproof plastic bag and make sure that I have some tissue nearby.

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