23 Aug 2007

Travel directions website for the UK and US

If you are planning a trip in the near future, I recommend that you plan the travel route way before hand. Don't wait until the last minute and under no circumstances, assume that road signs are sufficient.

I am talking from experience here. I have had a bad experience once when driving to Nottingham. I thought that I knew the way and I remember telling my wife "We won't get lost. They have excellent road signs there." Well we got lost for nearly an hour before our friend came over to their house.

There are several route planners on the web and one of them is Publicroutes.com, which provides convenient travel directions for major cities in the United States and United Kingdom. However, unlike other route planners which give you only driving directions routes, Public Routes gives you the directions for various travel modes, including bus routes, walking times, and subway information or a combination. For example, take a look at Seattle driving directions on their site. You can also get directions if you are driving, walking, by bus or by rail. It's a great idea as sometimes we might want to discover the city by using public transport and walking, instead of driving around. It's a great service because they also provide real time traffic information. So next time you are going on a trip to a city in the US or the UK, don't forget to consult the site beforehand.

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