23 Aug 2007

Got scammed by Ashwin Khanna

There are a lot of scammers on the net and I just got scammed by one.

If you recall, sometime back I blogged "Write a post and win $2500". I had the feeling that it was a scam but thought, "what the heck, I have nothing to lose".

I had almost forgotten about the contest until I read the post "Ashwin Khanna is a liar and a cheat" on Angel's blog.

Well, Ashwin Khanna has finally revealed the winner - it's HIM.

He announced that a blog with only two posts to be the winner of the contest. Ha ha ha!

I am sure he's now laughing at all of us now - his blog now has a technorati rank of around 7714 and technorati authority of 470, when I last checked.

The only consolation I have now is that I didn't lose any money and I was not the only one but it sure did leave a bad taste in the mouth. I suggest that everyone who had linked to him, remove the link or add a rel="nofollow" tag.


David said...

$2500 for a review winner!? What make him such a generous being? Anyone who claim to give such amount of cash exchange for backlinks are scammer and spammer! Technorati rank and many other ranking systems are just ways for fraudsters to manipulate. Eventually they will get caught and get nothing. Don't fall for such quick money scheme, there will never nice result at the end! I know caused once I were victim myself! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

wow, sorry about that man, thats one of the reasons why i don't partake in those... it usually ends up bad

Dilip Mutum said...

David: I smelt that it was a scam but went ahead just the same.

Increase website traffic: I love contests and have actually won a few. This happens to be the first time I was scammed.

Dabbagian: Yeah. I hope he learns a lesson from this.