26 Aug 2007

Selling my Domain name

I had someone ask me quite recently whether I would be interested in selling my domain name and my price. I asked him to make an offer but I haven't received a reply as yet.

To tell the truth, I have never considered selling off my domain name. I own and have owned numerous domain names but I have never made money selling one.

Coming back to my blog, it now has a Google PR 2 and Alexa rank of 235,820. Both are improving gradually. It also has a Technorati rank of 24,745 and authority: 194. All the info here are correct as of 26 August 2007. However, I have no idea how much it's worth.

According to Dane Carlson's "How Much Is Your Blog Worth?" applet, my blog adamok.net, is worth $109,520.76.

My blog is worth $109,520.76.
How much is your blog worth?

I don't sincerely think that's it's worth that much and I may sell my domain name, if the right price comes along.

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