27 Aug 2007

Grow your favorite environmentally friendly news

Do you consider yourself environementally friendly?

Though I am no longer as active an environmentalist as I was during my younger days (now it's mostly limited to email petitions and blogging), I do still take an interest and try to keep myself abreast with latest environmental issues and news. As the Kenyan proverb goes "We have not inherited this land from our ancestors; rather we have borrowed it from our children.".

Well, now I have added another site to my "regularly visited" list. Grow Green News was just launched today. It is a news service from AboutMyPlanet.com and is very similar to Digg - apart from the fact that this site focuses on user submitted green or environmental news.

Like Digg, registered users can vote for stories they find interesting - called "Grow" here. Popular stories that reach a certain growth level it will be promoted to the front page of the site and may eventually be picked up by the main site (www.aboutmyplanet.com).

There are a few other features that differentiates this site. Users can attach both photos and videos to the stories as well. Registered members can also discuss all the stories submitted. The latest discussion appear on the top left corner of the site.

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