28 Aug 2007

Prevent laptop theft by installing a laptop alarm

The West Midlands Police here in the UK recently warned students to be extra vigilant with their laptops and other hand held devices as their exams drew nearer. Evidently most thefts of electronic devices occur during this time, usually from libraries or other communal areas. Most of the thefts would occur when people left them to go for a coffee or toilet break. Taking your laptop along with you every time you take a leak is not very convenient but sometimes you don't have a choice.

Laptop Alarm 1.13 (only 188KB) just might be the perfect solution. A loud alarm will be emitted from the computer speakers when someone:
- tries to shut off or log off the laptop.
- pulls the AC adapter plug out.
- pulls out your USB mouse.

This will definitely attract a lot of attention is a place like a library.

However a little warning:
Make sure that you don't accidentally trip the alarm yourself as it is extremely loud, especially if you are wearing earphones, as it might damage your ears.


Anonymous said...

I like it! I sometimes find myself the needs to bring along my laptop during my bathroom breaks in public places and thought that it is quite awkward. Good resource Adam, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have installed it on my wife's laptop as well. She leaves it everywhere and it's by luck it's never been stolen.

Anonymous said...

Yea, lets true, very lucky! I need 3rd eye on my laptop whenever I am not around it in public! I hope that it trigger the police as well...lol!