25 Jul 2007

TV Advertising experts

Advertising via the medium of television remains one of the most popular forms of advertising. Unlike other forms of advertising media such as billboards and magazines, TV advertising is more persuasive as it is beamed directly into households of customers. It also offers a wide range of programming and advertisers can target specific consumer groups through segmentation. The effectiveness of this medium can be seen from the fact that some ad campaigns remain in the mind of television viewers way long after the end of the campaign.

Ad campaigns of TV are not limited to companies seeking to create awareness about their products and services but even individuals and non governmental organisations are keen to harness the power of the TV. Right now we cannot even image any political campaign without ads on TV. The spread of cable TV has made this media even more accessible.

In order to maximize your campaign's performance, it is essential that you get an experienced company to take care of your campaign. Some ad agencies just design and create your campaigns and leave the rest to you. If you want someone to handle the entire process of running your campaign, a company like Hawthorne direct Inc is the answer.

Hawthorne specializes in creative/production, media and integrated marketing including advertising on TV.

They will help you manage every aspect of your ad campaign right from design and creation with their in-house facilities, even funding and to market testing and campaign rollout. Since 1986, they have handled over 331 clients managing nearly 500 media campaigns.

Going through their site, I was surprised to see a list of resources - related to direct response (DRTV) industry information which they were sharing openly with visitors to their site. Tell a lot about the company.

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