25 Jul 2007

History of logos

I was going through David Airey's blog, and reading about the importance of having a good logo. Just made me realise that I am not practising what I preach. BTW, David's logo is really cool.

While lecturing to business students in the past, I have always emphasized the importance of your logo in marketing, especially branding. The logo I have now is something I cooked up in a few minutes on a logo designing software I was testing out. I realise that a lot of business owners design their logo themselves. often it is just the name of the business written using a stylish font. Cheap but not exactly the best way to go about it if you are serious about your business. Read "The Importance of a Logo and Marketing Materials".

A good logo must fulfill three essential requirements: it must be appropriate, aesthetically pleasing, and it must reflect the company’s credibility.
- soslogodesign.com

It's very interesting to read about the history of the logos of famous companies and how they have evolved over time to better represent the business.

That's about businesses but what about blogs. I guess if I am serious about being a full time blogger and consultant, it might be worth it to hire a designer to come up with a nice logo for the blog.


Anonymous said...

When designing a logo i make sure i am happy with it, as a logo can make or break your design. Also the logo is the first thing the customer will look at.

Anonymous said...

Logos have to stand out and attract people's attention. They have to be eye catchy and i think a logo should always be simple and not overly complicated.