25 Jul 2007

Get reviewed for only $5

I am really annoyed.

Haven't received a single offer on PayPerPost direct till date on ANY of my blogs. I keep reading about other blogs having received several offers.

My wife told me that I am probably overpricing my blogs. So, I want to test it out.

SO I am lowering the Minimum Offer Amount for this Blog to $5 till the end of August. Will see whether I do receive any offers after this.
PPP Direct


rubixcubeman said...

I would like to hire you to review my sites. but i think the reason there might not be so many biters is they don't trust putting in there credit card info into a pop up box that this company uses. i would rather pay more if it meant i could pay via paypal. so you might consider a paypal link for people to use as well. I am pretty new to the Blog scene though.

Dilip Mutum said...

I would be more than happy to do a review.I do have a PayPal account. Please contact me at ahoklah@gmail.com for more details.

Anonymous said...

nice blog, keep it on...