18 Jul 2007

Optimising comments on Blogger blogs

When you leave comments on blogs hosted on Blogger including mine, you have the option of either signing under your Blogger account, other (name and website url) or Anonymous.

You might recall my "I Do Follow" post, which explores a way to increase back links to our blogs through comments on other blogs. However, leaving a comment using your Blogger account may not work as the link leads to your Blogger profile.

The second option might be a better choice for a few reasons. It provides a direct link to your desired blog. I have also come across so many bloggers who have multiple blogs listed on their profile and this includes those where he/ she is only a guest blogger. And the comment says "Check out the post on my blog?" But which blog out of the 6 or sometimes 10 blogspot blogs is the blogger referring to?

Of course, if the blogger sets the option that only registered bloggers can leave comments, then you don't have any choice.


Anonymous said...

you mean like this :)

Anonymous said...

anyway Adam, do you have a post on how to use blogger with your own hosting and domain, like the one this site is on.

I been receiving a lot of emails on this, if you have, i can just link it to yours from my blog

Dilip Mutum said...


I blogged about it sometime back. here's the url: http://www.adamok.net/2007/05/hosting-with-blogger.html