17 Jul 2007

Popup on my blogs

Last night, I was quite shocked when I was greeted by a pop-up when I opened my Freebies blog. The same thing happened on this blog as well. Here's the screenshot:

I had been using the 'recent comments' hack provided by Ramani on a few of my blogs, which are hosted with Blogger. However, they had been down for a couple of days. Ramani used this unusual way to inform bloggers using his hack, about the problem and how to fix it.

Anyway, in the meantime I had found a simpler way to get a list of your recent comments by using a simple script provided by Blogger Templates, which adds a recent comments widget on your blog.

Ramani's hack was way too much hassle - I had to edit the template html and add a script in the code beside the widget on the sidebar. Plus I didn't like the fact that he put up a link to an advertiser and then a pop-up on my blog just like that.

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