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I don't have an IT background but I am really interested in tech related issues, especially those related to web technologies. Most of the stuff I know now are essentially self taught. I do attend a few short courses and seminars from time to time to update my knowledge. As part of my endeavor to update my knowledge, i am a member of various tech forums. In most I am just a silent member, joining in only when I find some interesting topic. Sometimes all the tech talk just flies over my head.

I am thinking of joining the Dream.In.Code community. It's popularity with programmers and web developers is indicated by size of it's membership - almost 40,000 strong. The site has over 200 tutorials, 950 code snippets, and if you are ever in trouble with some programming language, say C++, don't worry. There are thousands of programmers and web developers willing to help you on the different forums. You just have to register for Free in order to join in.



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