14 Jun 2007

How to PayPerPost

A lot of friends were amazed to learn that I could earn that much as I do from blogging and were interested in starting their own blogs. As you can see, money is one of the best motivators. Some already had their own blogs and were interested in monetizing them. It was interesting to note that many of them already had Google adsense on their blogs but were hardly earning anything from it.

Out of all the companies I am using to convert my creative content into income streams (monetize my work), PayPerPost has helped me earn the most. I have introduced many of my friends and relatives to this company but this proved to be quite challenging especially when it came to those who were not bloggers.

Yesterday, I cam across this excellent online tutorial, that shows you how to start earning from PayPerPost,in just 5 easy-to-follow steps - right from the creation of your own blogspot blog on Blogger and creating a Paypal account to taking opportunities (opps) on PayPerPost.

I would like to warn you guys against being too optimistic. His earnings estimate of "$50 every single day of your life" is on the high side. There may be several days when you may not being able to take a single opportunity and thus unable to earn anything, especially if you are outside the US and your blog has 0 or low Google page rank. Having said that, there are indeed some posties (PayPerPost members) who do earn more than that on an average every day.

Go over to the 'PayPerPost Pocketbook' tutorial now.

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