16 Jun 2007

Buying GPS gadgets on Gigaweb

I used to be quite tense driving to new places here. Normally I would download the map on the net and then take hours trying to memorise the route I would have to take, to get there and of course, to get back as well. Got lost so many times and going miles before I could find a way to turn back, was quite normal.

That changed right after I bought my TomTom Satellite Navigation or Sat Nav as it is more commonly known as. I never leave home without it anymore.

Aid to navigation is but one of the uses of Global Positioning System devices.It is now used for making maps, land surveys and other scientific uses. It is also used as a security tool for vehicle tracking. While looking for gps vehicle tracking from Garmin, I landed at the Gigaweb.com online store. They carry an excellent collection of various GPS gadgets and accessories.

Even though I didn't find one from Garmin, there was a similar "Wireless Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking Service" from Skypatrol. It costs $299.99 plus monthly service fee of $19.99 with unlimited use. Check it out on the site.

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Anonymous said...

I took your advice and visted Gigaweb.com As you said they do have a huge selection. In fact they have added a large variety of Garmin GPS units. Here is the direct link for their Garmin page...