30 Sept 2018

Thermomix - the future of cooking

A few days back, my wife's family had a family get-together. We stayed at Sarang by the Brook at Kuala Kubu Bahru - all 40 of us. To feed the whole lot, all the cooking was done on Thermomix. I was so impressed, that I invited Aunty Adrina to write a post on this amazing hi-tech cooking tool

Guest post by Adrina Awaludin.

Thermomix is what the future of cooking looks like. If you can imagine how a smart phone has changed our lives in the past 10 years... that’s what Thermomix is.

My name is Adrina Awaludin. I am a Thermomix Advisor. I was introduced to this wonderful machine in 2014. I have a full-time job, 3 growing up children, a busy working husband. I didn’t cook. I have a lived in maid to assist me at home with cooking and cleaning. Since I was introduced to Thermomix, I not only cook but I bake my own bread and cookies. I even make my own jams and mayonnaise, as well as chicken, meat and vegetable stocks... and people ask me why I bother when it is readily available at the grocery? Well, those items in the shops have a shelf-life, which means that chemicals are added to ensure that they can last longer on the shelves. The other reason why I make them is because it is so easy and convenient now.

One gadget in your kitchen to replace 12 functions! So, imagine going on holiday with just your smart phone without having to bring your camera, video recorder, and laptop as we would have probably done over 10 years ago. Well, this gadget replaces all your other standalone kitchen appliances that does your chopping, grinding, kneading, whisking, controlled heating, steaming, stirring, cooking, weighing, blending, mixing and emulsifying and also replaces your saucepan.

What else can you expect from a German product with probably the best technology in the market? There are no other similar products in the world today, I believe, that can match its superiority and functions. And when we say it’s the future of cooking.... there’s a reason for it. It considers all the expectations we want from our food - home-cooking is healthier and safer (no added preservatives and unknown contents), faster meals as one can manage entire meals under an hour with time-saving multi-layer cooking. It is also your Reliable Cooking Assistant - no need to take a day off. This “German maid” helps with auto cooking, stirring and even self-washing. Thermomix keeps your kitchen grease-free, taking over the cooking to free you up to do other things. It is hassle-free to cook at home.

Other than its superior safety features, it also has a Recipe chip attached to it for step-by-step guided cooking instruction.... Now, this I don’t think you will understand just by reading this article, so that is a real good reason for a person to experience the Thermomix Cooking first hand. With thousands of recipes and the guided cooking feature, enjoy endless fun cooking with your loves ones together.

Now everyone can cook!

And on the question "who would want a Thermomix?". Well the answer - literally anyone who can manage a smartphone. And why not, did you check the Master Chef Jr contestants cooking with their Thermomix? A 7 year old who can read, would be able to cook with the Thermomix.

Imagine those people who are on special diets: gluten free, paleo, vegan, etc. Home cooked food, managed and monitored easily from ingredients to the process. In our group, we have cancer survivors, including those who are still undergoing chemo and other treatments, those who need special diets and Thermomix helps these people everyday.

Actually, anyone would love this gadget and how it can save them time and money. All it takes, is a Thermomix cooking experience.

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