30 Jun 2017

GOGO Lantern review

This is a long overdue review. I received another fabulous product to review - the GOGO Lantern.

Well if you are the outdoorsy type and love camping, among the essentials you have to carry include a lamp, a torch and buckets - well, now you can have all of that in one cool package with the GOGO lantern. It is not yet available in the market and I received a review sample.

The bucket is collapsible and made from plastic thus making it highly portable. Attached to the bucket is the lamp with the LED lights.

Fully charge it up and it will last between 6-8 hours. You can charge the lantern via the built in solar panel or via USB cable. The indicator turns green when it is charged above 80% and turns red when the charge is below. The red indicator starts blinking when the power is low.

The review piece I received did not come with any instructions so I had to figure out some of the features myself. The lights detaches from the bucket by turning it slightly counterclockwise at the bottom. It is completely waterproof (IP67 certified).

The amazing thing about the lantern is that it comes with capacitative sensors and automatically turns on when you put in in water or attach it via the built-in magnet, to a metallic surface. You can also turn it on manually by pressing the button in the centre. It has three modes. First press: normal mode; Second press: bright mode and Third press: blinking lights. You then press it again to shut it off.

The lantern also came with a lanyard which you can use to attach the lamp and hang it around your neck converting it to a great hands free lantern.

It come in three colours, namely orange, light blue and light green. You can further customise the lantern by painting the bucket with a design of your choice.

Though ideal for a camping trip, the lantern would be perfect for a hiking trip, BBQ party or a trip to the beach.

Their Indiegogo page should be up soon and I am sure that they would be able to reach their funding target really fast.

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