3 Jun 2017

Flextail Helio Lantern review

There is nothing more I love then reviewing gadgets which are not even out in the market yet. I was recently sent a review sample of the Helio - a multifunctional outdoor lantern. It is so new that it came without even any "How to" guides or even a proper cover.

As compared to other typical camping lanterns, the Helio is much more compact and efficient and really bright as well.

Flextail is a Chinese startup company based in  Dalian, China and founded  two  years  ago  by  Li Tao  with  his  classmates,  all  students  of  mechanical engineering at Dalian Maritime University.
Helio is their second product and this amazing lantern reached it's funding goals on Kickstarter in just 20 hours.It is not hard to see why. The lantern is just 45 gms and outputs 200 lumens with a lighting distance of up to a distance of 20 meters.  It takes only 20 minutes to charge and on a full charge, the lantern will last 10 hours - yes, that's right 10 freaking hours. It also has an water resistance rating of IP34 (which means water resistant to water spray from any direction).

And according to the company, the lantern will last for 400 hours of uninterrupted light if you use a 10000mAh powerbank - that's slightly more than 16 days.

The Lantern comes with a hook and a magnet which makes it really easy to attach it / hook it up.

Go and check the Helio out on their Kickstarter page. It is just $29 for one lamp (retail price of $34).

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