9 Aug 2015

Computer speakers for all budgets

Here is my selection of three different computer speakers to suit different budgets. Space or the lack of was my main concern when considering the speakers and so out of my list were all the huge surround sound systems. So here are the three speakers starting with the least expensive.

A. Budget Option: Vinnfier VS200

They are not the cheapest or the smallest in the market but the sound quality was acceptable. All other cheaper speakers I tried were simply not up to the mark.  The two speakers delivers a total of 6W with frequency response between 90Hz – 20KHz and impedance: 4 ohms. Power supply is via a USB cable (5V).

Price: Approx. RM30 (Malaysia)

 B. Mid-range Option: JBL Pebbles

JBL Pebbles]
When you want quality sound, small profile and not break the bank, you have to go for the JBL Pebbles. Mine is the white-orange combination. Despite its small dimensions (13 cm high x 15 cm deep x 7.7 cm wide), the speakers deliver amazing sound - amazing clarity and deep bass.

Not sure about the wattage (no information was provided with the packaging) but the frequency response is between 70Hz – 20kHz with maximum SPL / signal to noise ratio at 89dB@1m. I love the simple integrated rotating volume control on the side of the main speaker. You can connect other devices via the 3.5mm Aux-in Port.

Price: $49.95 (US)/ RM 299.00 (Malaysia)

 B. High-end Option: Harman Kardon NOVA 

If you are an audiophile and have money to spend, this is the option to go for. For it's size, this high-performance stereo speaker system delivers really amazing sound - excellent clarity and rich lows. You can also press the bass button for improved deeper bass.

The transparent futuristic looking speakers include Performance-tuned 2.5” drivers, 1.25” tweeters and passive radiators. Moreover, the speakers allow Bluetooth wireless streaming with NFC compatibility with any device via analog 3.5mm connector and optical inputs.

One of the cool features is the touch sensitive volume control slider on the top of the main speaker. Unfortunately the kids love playing with it.

Specs for the technically minded:
Frequency Response between 70 Hz - 20,00kHz
Impedance: 8 ohms;
Crossover Description: 3.5kHz;
RMS Power Range - Amplifiers: 40 watts

Unlike the two previous speakers, the NOVA requires a connection to a power outlet.

For a change, this is a PC speaker which looks nice and it sounds nice as well.

Price: $299.95 (US)/ RM1199 (Malaysia, best price on Lazada)

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